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Pastor  Mbabizi Rose Helps Children with Disabilities

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Without the support of people like you, we would not be able to support others; people like Pastor Mbabizi Rose. Pastor Mbabizi Rose heard of the great needs of the Congolese refugees in the Rwamwanja camp in Uganda and came to help. She didn’t know how God would use her until she saw how children with disabilities are often terribly neglected.

Most disabilities are not diagnosed and parents may not know how to properly care for a child who has a disability. Some parents leave their children on the street, unable to care for them any longer. Pastor Mbabizi Rose heard God’s call to take in every disabled child she came across who had been thrown out on the street. Now, she is caring for 12 children with disabilities in a small mud-brick hut.

Another pastor in the community, who was a physiotherapist in the Congo, has come alongside Pastor Rose to work with the children. He provides therapy sessions for the children and is teaching some sign language.

All of the children are homeschooled and Pastor Mbabizi Rose has seen immense changes in each of them. Her children have epilepsy and muscular paralysis, among other medical conditions, all of which have improved under her love and care.

Because of your generosity, Feed The Hungry provides meals for Pastor Mbabizi Rose’s precious children as she home schools them. Every child is greatly loved by our Lord. Pastor Mbabizi Rose shows these children that great love every day. You do too.

We need your continued support to keep helping people like Pastor Mbabizi Rose change lives for children who otherwise would be left starving physically and spiritually.

Your donation of just £24 today could provide 6 children with a hot meal for a month or you could set up a monthly donation of £4 a month, meaning you know each month you have enabled 1 child to be fed.

To make a donation please complete the form below or call 0303 3000 484

Thank you for making a difference and changing lives!

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