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Malawi Floods, Emergency Appeal

Monday, March 11, 2019

On 9th March 2019, we were contacted by our partner in Malawi, reporting widespread flooding in the southern regions. Over 125,000 people have been affected and lives have been lost.. Homes have been flattened by flooding and mudslides. Roads have been washed away. In many villages, the clean water supply has been contaminated by the pit latrines being flooded. Our partner, Praise Ijalasi, is already working on the ground, getting what spare supplies we have available there to those worst affected, but there are many more who need our help….


Susan and Esther Abandoned in Kibera Slums

Saturday, March 9, 2019

This is Susan and Esther who live with their uncle at Katwikira within the Kibera Slums. Susan is in form one and Esther is in form two. Unfortunately, their Uncle left the house in the slum with no prior notice about three months ago. This has left them unable to get to and from school and with no income. They have had to look for jobs such as washing peoples cloths and homes. Even when they are able to find such work they are not always paid and are sometimes…

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