30 Years of Feed The Hungry

In 1987 Dr Lester Sumrall heard a message from God that change his life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of children for years to come.  As his son said: “LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry was born that night, along with the joy and thrill that accompany lives changed around the world through the power of God and ministry of food.”

In December 1987 the first food was distributed to those in need in Manilla in the Philippines. The following year we continued our work, moving into distributing food in Zimbabwe and Malawi – 60.5 tons of maize meal was distributed in Zimbabwe and an additional 44 tons was distributed in Malawi. 1200 blankets distributed in Malawi.

By the end of 1989 we were distributing food through churches across Eastern Europe as Dr Sumrall travelled through Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria as communism collapsed.

When an earthquake hit the Philippines in 1990, Feed The Hungry were one of the first aid agencies on the scene. We provided 75,000 pounds of emergency food and sent another 300,000 pounds of rice in a second later shipment. FTH worked closely with US military forces to transport the food by military planes and helicopters due to impassable terrain.

In 1991 our office opened in Australia and we also shipped our first aid to Nicaragua.

In 1993 we were able to get aid to those in need in war torn Bosnia. This was closely followed by receiving permits to provide humanitarian aid to those in need in Cuba. Through the mid to late 1990s we were able to get aid to more of Africa as well as Europe and South America.

Sadly in 1996 Dr Sumrall died, however the work of Feed The Hungry continued.

In 1998, Feed The Hungry were one of the few outside aid agencies allowed to bring in aid to North Korea to provide for those malnourished after a 3 year famine.

The new millennium saw Feed The Hungry start providing more humanitarian aid throughout Asia, often supporting Christians fleeing their homes and persecution for their faith.

The end of 2004 brought the now infamous Boxing Day Tsunami that affected thousands in the Indian Ocean area. Working with our partners on the ground, we released funds for emergency aid, often being the first to reach areas. Supporting local churches and helping from hope among the devastation was key in our support. The next few years saw an increase in disaster relief as we responded to hurricanes, earthquakes and famine.

2005 saw the launch of Every Child Every Day (ECED), feeding 1000 children every day.

In 2010 the UK office opened with Gwyn Williams taking the lead as Operations Director,

By 2013 about 35,000 children being fed through ECED programme funded by Feed The Hungry globally.

In 2014 Feed The Hungry UK started work with Rise Against Hunger to provide meals for children worldwide. Around 100,000 children fed through ECED.

2015 saw the UK office starting shipping our own containers of resources to partners and in 2016 we started shipping food containers. Formally taking responsibility for supporting Zimbabwe and Kenya. We also had our first visit to Zambia and sustainable farming projects. By 2017 we saw around 171,000 children fed through ECED!

And now, we have started our own UK food packing events – Hand To Hand. And globally we are regularly feeding 400,000 children around the world.