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Hope in Happyland

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happyland is a community on the northwest side of the city of Manila in the Philippines – but it’s anything but happy.Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.26.52

With no sewers and no running water, the people in these areas survive by scavenging through rubbish for whatever they can recycle and sell. The average income for a family in these areas is usually around £1 to £2 a day. Often people are forced to eat whatever food scraps they can find.

In not-so-Happyland, you’ll find many precious children at risk of being trapped in this rubbish-dump life – like Cindy who’s only 5 years old.
Cindy is left alone to care for her brother Kenneth, age 2, and her baby sister Queenie, age 1, in their ramshackle hut. Cindy says, “I feed them, I change their clothes, I put them to sleep when my mama and papa are not home.”
Her parents are often absent, working far from home so their family can survive here in the Philippines – where 12 million people live in extreme poverty, and families scrape by on less than £2 per day. Food is scarce, so sometimes Cindy and her siblings go hungry.
But now you’re bringing a smile to Cindy’s face every day, as you help deliver a nutritious meal to her – and 2,500 other kids in the Philippines – through Feed The Hungry’s Every Child, Every Day programme.

Your generosity also ensures that children like Cindy get an education – feeding their minds to help lift them out of poverty so they can have hope for a full life.
Best of all, you’re also ensuring that kids like Cindy hear that Jesus loves them. As we work together with a trusted church partner on the ground, you’re helping them hear the gospel and get copies of Bible Adventures to nourish their souls!

To help more children like Cindy, please donate today.

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