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A-Level Results

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Today is a huge day of many young people in the UK as they receive their A-Level exam results. For many, whatever is written inside the envelope will determine their immediate future. Will it be university? A apprenticeship or internship? Will they have a gap year or go and get a job? For some it will be relief & joy and for others it will be sadness and confusion.

Today highlights the wonderful opportunities that education brings to those of us in developed nations. Whether we enjoyed school or not, the opportunity to learn and work towards a career is something to be extremely thankful for. In many countries around our world these opportunities are only available to the few – the rich and powerful.

Feed the Hungry UK are working to change that! By working in partnership schools and providing a free daily meal to children. By doing this simple thing schools see a noticeable positive difference in attendance even in the slums of Africa. Your prayers and financial support allow for food to the transported, distributed and eaten by hungry children who are keen to learn and break the cycle of poverty. This cannot be overstated. We know of children who were found under bridges who now work for international e-commerce companies or teenagers who have escaped war in their home countries who are now doctors wanting to return home and help those who are still stuck.

Today highlights the work that still needs to be done to make education accessible to more children around the world. It also highlights the need for growth in food distribution as this secures the immediate future of the child, their health and willingness to learn.

Whatever happens today, we at Feed the Hungry UK pray for the peace of God to be with each young person receiving results in the UK and that they may know His guidance throughout the rest of their lives. We also encourage you to pray for opportunities to arise in the poorest places in the world. That governments would make education a priority, provide free access to school regardless of wealth and that the meals you help provide to schools would continue to bring in pupils who are keen give back to their communities.

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