Thank you for praying with Feed The Hungry today! As you link arms with us in outreach, we know “that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us” (1 John 5:14).We’re grateful for your continued prayers for these Feed The Hungry projects…


Thousands of homes have recently been demolished in Kibera (Africa’s largest slum) in order to make way for a £15 million duel carriage way to help ease congestion in the city of Nairobi. Kisumu Dogo School is still in tact but many families have lost their homes and businesses.
– Please pray for space to rebuild homes.
– Please pray for the ability to earn money again quickly.
– Please pray for those neighbours who have took in the families affected. Pray for blessing and patience.
– Please pray for Pastor Chris, Joanna and Victor who live in the community. Pray that God will strengthen and inspire them to help. That the church may rise up and be a leading force in the efforts.
– Pray for Feed The Hungry as we seek to understand how we can best continue to support.


Please pray for the new partnership Feed The Hungry UK has established with WLW Church in the Izmail region. Pray for the safe delivery of aid.


TMF, our partner in Zambia is breaking new ground in community farming. They have been able to acquire land through the help of Feed The Hungry, and using methods devised by the ‘Farming God’s Way’ project, are able to grow and provide food for children, widows and families in rural parts of Zambia where it was previously thought difficult to farm. Pray for good harvests and for those training – that they will learn quickly.


Pray for the nation to return to peace and for the Doutts and all our friends and ministry partners there.  Clashes between anti-government protesters and pro-government forces are happening throughout the main cities in the country.  Most of the violence is being perpetrated by Sandinista Youth, they are the ‘street muscle’ for Ortega.

Feed The Hungry UK

Feed The Hungry’s mission is not just to provide food, but to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There’s an African proverb which says, “Empty bellies have no ears”. If we are to share the Gospel, we also need to meet the physical needs of those we’re sharing our hope with.

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