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Allan’s Story (Zimbabwe)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

At a supermarket in a poor community on the outskirts of Harare (Zimbabwe), hundreds of people line up in the blazing sun. The shop is shut and a handful of police wearing helmets and carrying truncheons prevent people from swarming the door. “These people have been here for the past six hours; since 3:00am they have been here” a man says angrily as he gestures to the lines.

Women carry small babies on their backs in the hot afternoon sun.

No-one even knows if the shop will open today, or if it has the food they want, but they wait anyway.

There’s no other option.

They are the victims of a cash crisis, which has seen the price of goods like bread, sugar and petrol skyrocket as imports of basic commodities grind to a halt.

Everyday, I know there are thousands of children around the world who are going hungry. For many of these children this also means they are going without an education, as they do not have the energy to attend school. Here, at Feed The Hungry, my colleagues and I are working hard to change the lives of children around the world; showing them God’s love in a very practical way by providing meals and enabling them to get the education they want and need to change their future. With your help we can continue to impact these children. Children like Allan…

Allan is 18 and lives near Harare in Zimbabwe. He grew up in a large extended family, where food was scarce. For several months, he could not attend school as there was no money for food or education, and in Zimbabwe, almost all schools charge fees. Allan started to resent his parents for not being able to provide for him or his siblings. At the age of 15, Allan thought he would find a better life for himself and a chance to get an education by running away to family in Malawi. Unfortunately, all that happened was that they made him work in their restaurant without pay.

Allan decided to return to his family in Zimbabwe. On his return, a friend told him about Rock Mountain Christian College, where he could apply for a scholarship and he would get a meal every day provided by Feed The Hungry. Allan was offered a scholarship and now attends Rock Mountain College to complete his secondary education. He tries to save some of his lunch every day, to take home to share with his family. And last year, he asked God in to his life. Allan says:

“My life has changed and I have started to believe better things are coming.

At school, we get fed rice meals from Feed The Hungry. I am forever grateful for the rice meal that I am given to take home and share with my family. My greatest joy was complete when the late Dr Ephiel Mukamuri led me to Jesus Christ in 2017 and I became a child of God… My relationship with my parents is improving and I pray that one day they too will come to a full revelation knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and give their lives to Christ.”



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