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An extraordinary blessed day!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

By Gwyn Williams, June 2019

It was a seemingly ordinary day in the office, and yet for me, each moment of the day seemed extraordinary, from being met by biscuit crumbs near the kettle; signs of early starters, of a tired voice after from coming back from a mission in Kenya, news of new baby forming in the womb, counting coins collected at a bag packing at a local supermarket, and a volunteer popping in to prepare for backing 5,000 meals at a local school. Accounts being filed, events being organised, films being edited and transport being booked, lab tests being logged.

But it was an email early in the morning that started making me look beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary coming to life through the day.

“Receive our love and greetings from Kenya in Jesus name!!!!!!

We thank you for supporting and sending the Feed The Hungry team to Kenya to hold the women conference which was very much successful it made our people see and receive the Lord Jesus Christ in a different way.

  1. Our people saw Christ as the saviour through their message
  2. Our people saw Christ as the provider through the food they fed them and the mission of feed the hungry in Kibera in Soweto Academy.
  3.  Our people saw Christ as the healer through the people that got healed during their home visiting. E.g one young baby boy who had not been eating for some days, they prayed for him and he got healed instantly and started eating for the first time. He ate the full slice of bread in their presence.

Therefore, the people in the Church have requested I to write to you and ask them to come back more and more…If we combine Evangelism and Feeding it becomes quite effective in the missions. We do pray that Karen and Paul and their team continue with what they are doing for Christ.

Thank you so much, In Christ Mission, Pastor Chrispinus Okumu.”

It just made every moment of the day special in all the preparation and dedication of all the staff become like one body bringing life and love into being.

Of £575 in a bag packing collection at a local supermarket, that means we can provide food for 143 children for a month.

Preparations being for 5,000 meals for a school in Burkina Faso packed by a School in Rugby.

Bills of lading being issued as a ship leaves port, with 280,000 meals being sent out to Zimbabwe

News of Baby food being picked up a day early from a factory in Italy to send to refugee families in Athens

and not least our offices in Zambia being turned into a school so that 263 street kids have a secure place to be educated.

What an extraordinary blessed day – we are privileged to be part of Gods life stream of mercy and grace!

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