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“And who is my neighbour?”

Friday, December 15, 2017

Luke 10 tells us a relevant story; The parable of the good Samaritan.

It’s relevant because this time of year we are forced to think about the same question brought to Jesus: ‘who is my neighbour?’.

Of course we know the answer, we’ve read the story many times but how does knowing the correct answer practically reveal itself in our lives?

This Christmas time Feed the Hungry UK are supporting children in Romania. Specifically those who live in the Bread of Life Orphanage in Brosteni. These children have grown up with nothing and many have never seen the most basic of hygiene items like a tooth brush or hairbrush. 
Despite Romania joining the EU in 2007, these past 10 years have seen little progress in tackling the causes of poverty, especially in rural areas. Children are living without running water, clean clothes, medicine and even education. These children and their families need our mercy.

That is the lesson the expert of the law learnt from his encounter with Jesus, recorded in Luke 10. He understood that a good neighbour shows mercy. Not just in feeling or emotion but in extremely practical ways.

Jesus also commanded the lessons learnt through this tale of woe to be put into practise: ‘Go and do likewise.’ We sense within ourselves that this command was not just for that present generation but for those who were still to come – us.

I know we have neighbours everywhere – next door, in our local communities and further afield in the UK but can we allow our mercy to extend to those we may never meet. Those who also need our practical help, love and care?

We have a wonderful opportunity to make Christmas special in 2017, for children who have experienced physical and emotional trauma. For children who have been found on the street, near to death, and who have given a second chance at life. For children in Romania.

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