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Bright Futures

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bright Futures is a project the Feed The Hungry have supported in Uganda for the last few years. They are an orphanage who house 300 children. Last year we were able to purchase them a 10 acre farm located next to the orphanage.

They have just had their first harvest, which yielded 16 metric tons of Maize and 1/4 ton of ground beans (peanuts) this translates to 12 tones of maize flour to feed the children and 4 tones of rusk which will feed chickens and pigs.

God’s provision was timely


Without this land, new regulations on orphanages in Uganda would have meant the orphanage would have had to close. Now because they are self sufficient, they can stand on their own two feet and are able to stay open.

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