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Chuck travels to Uganda to Feed 53,876 Children

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Chuck had the privilege of traveling to Uganda where we are feeding 53,876 children daily.

“Our team visited several Feed The Hungry feeding centers in the Kyriandongo and Rwamwanja refugee camps. I got to  experienced first-hand how your support, through prayer and finances, is helping so many lives. The people we met in the refugee settlements exhibited hope and resilience.  Listening to their stories, we learned about the life they had in South Sudan or the Congo. Many lived in villages with family and friends. Many were farmers; some raised livestock.  The standard of living was comfortable for most and prosperous for others. Akuol told us she owned 30 head of cattle, 20 goats, as well as poultry in South Sudan.


War is cruel and mercilessly affects the innocent. They had to run for their lives and leave everything, holding the hands of what family remained alive. Some left with only the clothes they were wearing. Others quickly gathered a few pieces of clothing and escaped with a Bible or a few other personal items.


In the refugee camps, people live without the basic conveniences we take for granted.  If they need water to cook or wash with, they must walk to the hand-pump water wells and get in a long line to wait their turn.  Even though their circumstances have changed dramatically from what they were accustomed to, they openly acknowledge their hope is in God.

The head teacher in the refugee settlement told us how grateful the children are for their daily meals and the difference the food makes in their lives.  They emphasised how the meals affect the children’s overall health and school attendance. They’ve even seen marked improvement in national standardised tests because of the good food they receive each day.

It was quite an experience to look into the faces of our brothers and sisters in Christ and pray with them.  They were so grateful for the food, but even more that they were not alone in the refugee camp or forgotten. This was so humbling because we know the love and the ministry they have received has little to do with us, but much to do with those who support this ministry in their prayers and with their finances.


Please know you are a part of God’s strategy — His plan to have His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  The resources we’ve been blessed with are powerful tools in God’s plan of mercy, grace, and hope for those who suffer and long for intervention.

You can be confident the food is getting to those who are in great need, and they know where the food comes from. They are seeing and feeling the love, compassion, and grace of God where they so desperately need it.”

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