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Clothes Packing for Syrian Refugees

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Volunteer Packing night for Syrian Refugees.

18 volunteers from the Warwickshire and hinckley area came to our warehouse
Over a pallet of aid was sorted and packed – thats approx 60 banana boxes in the space of 2 hours.
Partnering with Samaras aid – this aid will be going to displaced people in Syria
In total Feed the Hungry volunteers have packed around 7 pallets of aid to go out to Syria of which all clothing and dignity items have been donated.

We couldn’t achieve this without the support of local volunteers and peoples donations. Also a special thanks to carriers of hope in coventry who donated clothing for this appeal too.

Lets remember that Refugees are part of humanity and we can’t leave them behind.
“As we are marking refugee week lets be reminded that there is no “us “ and ‘them’. There is only us, one human family connected in ways we sometimes forget” -Ann Curry.

We are now packing for refugees in Ukraine and are in need of volunteers again and more clothing and dignity donations. Please email if you are local to us and can help with donations or time.

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