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Dreamland Evacuation.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

South Sudan is facing unprecedented violence!

Pastor Stanley, a Feed The Hungry partner in the region, has sent this update.
“The security around the Dreamland worsened just Sunday. A government soldier was shot and killed on the main road very close to our compound. The government soldiers unleashed their wrath on the people in the area, house were ¬†burned down and looting of anything they can put theirs hands on, random shooting of all kinds of guns. The area is deserted, all the people are in the bushes, all our staff and theirs families are in the compound, we have also hosted a few families from the community. No casualties but fear is big. All the homes around us are deserted. The government has no immediate solution to our problem, relocation to the town is an option but where do I take this number of people. Evacuation is imminent. Please pray.”

The kids and staff at New Generation Dreamland are being evacuated. 
Convoy of 200 children and staff will depart from Yei. The 136 mile journey, which should take less than 4 hours, will likely take 12-16 hours. Children and staff will be transported over road in large dump trucks for their own protection. The convoy is expected to arrive at Rhino Resettlement Camp in Northern Uganda soon.
Bob and FTH/EA team plan to be at the camp awaiting the convoy arrival. Bob has cash in hand ready to buy what is needed to help the kids and staff settle on arrival.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in this ministry. You are making the world a safer and happier place for these children and many many more.

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