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Elizabeth and Farrah’s Story

Sunday, May 26, 2019

If I could take you to a refugee camp in west Uganda, you would meet some of the most generous people in the world there.

In 2012 a violent war began between the Democratic Republic of Congo and M23 rebel soldiers, one of 70 rebel armies terrorising civilians. Since then, over 80,000 people have fled to the Rwamwanja Resettlement Camp in Uganda. People like Elizabeth. She is a single mother of four who had to flee the violent war in the Congo with her children. Her children now receive a daily meal from Feed The Hungry at a refugee camp school. These hot, nutritious meals keep her children healthy and brings some relief to Elizabeth. Even though she has a small vegetable plot behind the house, it’s not nearly enough to feed all five of them.

One day, Elizabeth was sitting in front of her house watching the pouring rain.  In the distance, she saw a young girl walking along the dirt road toward her. Her head was down and Elizabeth sensed there must be something wrong. The girl didn’t seem to care she was getting soaked.

As the girl drew near, Elizabeth called out, asking if she was alright. She invited the girl to come and sit with her out of the rain.

Drenched and muddy, the 12-year old told Elizabeth her name was Farraha. Four years ago, she fled the Congo after witnessing her parents’ death at the hands of M23 rebel soldiers. A man found her wandering alone in the bush and brought her to the refugee camp. The camp commandant found two elderly sisters to take her in. The little mud hut was Farraha’s home for a few years.  Then her caregivers died. She was an orphan … again.

Farraha wandered the streets, alone and hopeless.

Elizabeth, with four children of her own, acted with compassion. She gave Farraha some dry clothes, fed her a hot meal and told her; “you can stay with us.” This was the third time a stranger took her in.  None of them had much food or money to spare, but they did what they could.

That is the culture of these generous people. They do what they can.

Farraha now goes to school with Elizabeth’s children and receives her daily Feed The Hungry meal. She is one of over 20,000 children in the Congolese refugee camp receiving Feed The Hungry meals along with the hope that comes through the Gospel.

The meals you provide made it possible for Elizabeth to take in and care for Farraha.

You may ask, “How much good am I accomplishing?”

More than we could ever express. Who knows if Elizabeth could have taken in Farraha without the  support of Feed The Hungry! What would have happened to Farraha then?

Each child has a story. God is writing in His love, kindness and faithfulness through you. With you, we can reach a thousand more Farrahas, who are desperate to know somebody loves them. Thank you so very much for your support!


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