In-kind Giving

We Offer

  • Pick up of dated or damaged items – bulk or packaged
  • Tax credit in the amount you request for items donated
  • Ability to work with agencies, food banks, and churches across America
  • Ability to move products for oversees use only
  • Answers to questions you may have and references from companies that utilize our services
  • Ability to leave trailer on site to free up warehouse space


There is MORE than enough food produced to feed everyone in the world.

However, millions of people are still left starving.

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Many relief programs struggle with distribution. Shipments of food literally rot on docks as relief efforts are continually hindered by political corruption, civil war, collapsing governments, and black market operations. The challenge remains to get food and resources from places of plenty to places of need. Through our unique approach to distribution, we successfully answer that challenge.

Since 1987, LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry has been successfully meeting these challenges. By closely working with trusted and proven distribution partners, we have demonstrated a stellar reputation measured in results.

Feeding Initiatives

In 2005, Feed the Hungry began our Every Child Every Day program – an initiative to supply nutritious, daily meals to vulnerable children living in the world’s least developed nations. Children also receive an education that gives them hope for the future. Our goal is for 100,000 children to have their physical and spiritual needs met by an ECED program.

In 2011, we saw a 28% increase in the number of children we were able to feed everyday around the world. This is a direct result to the dedication and support of several corporate partnerships.