Haiti Kitchen Building Project 2018

In August, Gwyn Williams, our Operations Director, went out to Haiti to help with the start of the work with Team Rubicon to provide kitchens for many of the schools where we provide meals to over 4000 children. While he was there Gwyn spent time with Pastor Jephthe, who through answering God’s call on his life has planted churches through the mountain villages in Haiti and through the churches has helped them set up schools and feeding programmes. He has also set up orphanages to provide for those children that were struggling to survive.

Pastor Jephthe says:
After the earthquake in January 2010 I spent a month travelling between the mountain villages and Port au Prince, rescuing those who were cut off from family and reconnecting them, and taking in children who were now orphans.

On one of these trips to Port au Prince I came across an orphanage housing 20 children, but they had nothing. No food and no money to go and buy what food was available, so I gave them what I had with me. Over the following weeks I kept providing them with the resources needed to keep the children from starving. Mrs LaFleur, who ran the orphanage, suggested that the Jerusalem Baptist Ministry took over the running of the orphanage. We did this and moved them to a purpose built building with plenty of land. We established a school for the children, and we started providing the children with meals through the Feed The Hungry Every Child Every Day programme.

Moses, is one of the children who lives at the orphanage. He was left outside the orphanage when he was a few hours old with nothing. Mrs LaFleur found him when she went out to go to the shops. She picked him up and took him back into the orphanage. Moses is now a happy thriving 5 year old, starting school and loving life.”

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