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Kenya Emergency Appeal

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Heavy rains have hit south central Kenya, causing flooding across the region with more rain forecast. 17 people have been confirmed to have died as a result of the flooding.

In the Kibera Slum, on the outskirts of Nairobi, floodwaters have swept through parts of the slum, destroying homes and leaving people walking through torrents of raw sewage as it gets swept up with the flood water.

The Soweto Academy and Medical Centre have been severely damaged by the floods. All of the medical equipment in the medical centre has been destroyed. This one space that provided a safe place for mums to give birth and for people to receive life changing treatment is currently unusable. Flood water full of rubbish, debris and sewage has damaged the buildings and perimeter walls, leaving thousands of pounds needed to return it to a usable state.

Feed the Hungry UK partner with Pastor Chris and his wife Joanna who set up and run the Soweto Academy ( . He sent through these photos of the damage caused saying:

Here are the photos of the destruction of mother nature to our school and the clinic. All clinic machines have been destroyed, and the clinic itself need thorough repair… Please pray for us

Feed the Hungry are now looking to help raise the £22,000 needed to get the school repaired and the medical centre back up and running.

The clinic provides free health care for the local residents in Kibera. The vision for the clinic came about because women were giving birth in the street or in their homes in incredibly unsanitary conditions. Kibera is essentially a suburb of Nairobi built on a rubbish-tip. There is no sewage infrastructure. The houses are built closely together, and so when there is a fire, it spreads quickly. There’s a high unemployment rate, high teenage pregnancy rate and high alcohol abuse and crime rates. With this flooding, the risk of disease spreading will greatly increase; particularly typhoid and cholera – both of which can kill.

Kibera, in effect, is a place which the government would prefer wasn’t there and is treated with disdain, and yet over a million of Nairobi’s poorest people live there.

Pastor Chris and Joanna Okumu have worked in Kibera for over 30 years, living in the slum and reaching out to the residents by meeting the needs of the community; they’ve built schools, provided clean water, built the clinic, a boarding-school to protect girls in the slum, and a church. The police have a unit on the site of the school, which Chris allows them to have so that there is a police presence in Kibera; otherwise, the police would not be in the slum.

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