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Demolished? Kibera Update

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Following an article published by the BBC called “Kenya slum demolished to make way for road”. We wanted to give you an update from our partners on the ground.

Victor, who helps to run a school for children in the Kibera slum writes:

Kisumu Dogo School is Intact.
The demolitions  have taken place not far from Kisumu Dogo School. The situation has affected the families involved who had left for work in the morning only to hear of bull dozers behind their back. Some of the parents have been affected. They have tried to seek shelter in neighbours homes as well as among  friends and well wishers. Some have had their businesses destroyed and do not know where to start. 
Prayer and counselling is needed for these people. We shall update you on developments.
Feed the Hungry UK understands the need for development in Kenya for the benefit of it’s economy and travel systems. However Feed the Hungry UK will always place the care and wellbeing of people, whatever their position in law, above structural development. We will continue to partner with Pastor Chris, Joanna, Victor and their teams to see that children and families have, not only the basic requirements (food, water and shelter) but also, what they need to experience life in all it’s fullness.
Below are a variety of news articles sharing about the demolition:
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