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Make May Matter – Sponsored Walk

Monday, June 12, 2017


On the 30th May, during half term, 43 people from the local Hinckley and Nuneaton area came together at Bosworth Country Park to take part in a sponsored walk organised by the charity Feed the Hungry UK.

Walkers consisted of all ages and generations. This was all in the aid of feeding children facing extreme hunger and famine in other parts of the world. Feed the hungry work in 21 countries and feed around 153,000 children daily, the charity has a UK base here in Hinckley. For £4 the charity can feed a child in a refugee camp in Uganda for a month. That’s not even 2 costa coffees a month here in the UK.

Volunteer coordinator for the charity and event organiser Rachel Bird says.

“Part of the aim of today’s walk was to raise local awareness, let people know our charity is on the doorstep to them and to get more people engaged with us and to let people know that playing a small part can make a real significant difference in the life of a child and can literally mean the difference between life and death. A small change can go a lot further in the countries we work in. We have raised £447 by walking around a park, that’s an extra 112 children surviving and been fed for the month of June”

One parent and volunteer for the charity Emma who took part in the walk said
“It’s easy to look at the need across the world and think that it would be impossible for one person to make a change, the wonderful thing about events like this and working with feed the hungry is that you can actually make a huge difference. “ Being a mum I really want my daughter to grow up with a social conscience, doing events like this help her to understand she can help others.”

One child Nathan said “I’m really happy I raised money for poor children who don’t have food and toys and things I have. I had fun walking with everyone”

Rachel says “We are looking for more volunteers to pack clothes for these children and their families at our local warehouse, we also are looking for people from the local community to become advocates for our charity through fundraising projects such as running a coffee morning, having a bake sale or taking on a more physical challenge!”

The charity is also available to go into local schools and community groups to share with a younger audience about their work and provide opportunities for them to get involved. To find out more about volunteering or becoming an advocate for feed the hungry contact or call 01455 618 455.
You can visit the website –

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