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Nepal Earthquake Update: “Who is this God who gives so generously to us in our need?”

Monday, September 7, 2015

“Who is this God who gives so generously to us in our need?” That’s what Nepalese earthquake victims were asking as we distributed the food and aid that you made possible!

The earthquake in Nepal on April 25 devastated thousands of people, but you enabled us to distribute food and other essential relief to many heartbroken villagers in May.

Your gifts brought the love of Jesus to traumatized villagers still living in tents amid rubble, still grieving the loss of loved ones, still rocked by aftershocks. They were amazed and full of gratitude, saying, “You have shown us what love and hope is!”

Thanks to you, we fed around 13,000 people by distributing rice, dahl (lentils), salt, and dried noodle treats for the children; in addition to tents; schoolbooks; pencils; vitamins; and medicine.

God’s goodness became real to them as together we showed His love in action. Each place we visited had a local pastor who would continue ministering to these villagers emotionally and spiritually over the weeks ahead.

Thanks for reaching out to these Nepalese earthquake victims! You’re showing them how good a full life feels!

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