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Nepal Emergency Appeal.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


We need your help.

In the last week torrential rain has hit southern Nepal and thousands have been displaced from their homes. More rain is forecast, and officials are still trying to get information from the more remote areas.

The floods have wiped out the crops which would have provided food and a source of income for the families affected.

Thanks to the partnerships we already have in place, working with people like local pastor Ruben Rasaili, we are able to get aid to those remote areas quickly, but we need your help today.

Pastor Ruben Rasaili sent this message, “Please can we help. People are crying for help and people are dying.”

Just £25 can help save the lives of a family by providing them with food and blankets that will feed a family of 6 for a month.

A donation of £55 would also mean we could provide them with the utensils required to help them with food preparation.

Please donate now and save lives by clicking here or by calling 0303 3000 484.

Thank you,

Stefan Radelich

CEO, Feed the Hungry

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