News from the Field

Nourishment for souls

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The World’s most vulnerable children aren’t just hungry for food. They’re hungry to know that Jesus loves them. So with your help, we’re spreading the Gospel to the children in our feeding programmes by giving them Bibles and biblical resources – so they can know the joy of a full life both physically and spiritually.

You’re changing lives by sending scriptural resources like Biblica’s Bible Adventures – mini Bible studies that use colourful illustrations to communicate God’s love and truth to children.

Angeline, one of our coworkers in the Philippines, says:

The children here are hungry to learn! They want to know about the faith of the characters in the Bible. The Bible Adventures are so colourful – we’re just so happy with them!

Please pray as we move forward together to give Bible Adventures to more kids through our feeding programmes in places like the Philippines, Nicaragua, and Uganda. Thank you!

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