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Premier listeners raise £165,000

Friday, April 27, 2018

Over the past fews years we have felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the Kiryadongo Resettlement Camp in Uganda. Many of whom have travelled over 100 miles on foot to the camp under the shroud of darkness and secrecy from war torn South Sudan.

Thousands upon thousands of orphaned children needed the most basic of human rights, a place of shelter & safety, regular food and an education. But with the amount of people entering the country the Ugandan government was struggling to meet the demand. Feed the Hungry UK was asked, by the Prime Minister, to step in a help provide for and save these precious young lives.

Of course we responded immediately, setting up schools and shipping containers of food but we knew others would feel drawn to help. Premier Christian Radio responded by making Feed the Hungry UK their charity of the year and thanks to the generosity of their listeners over £165,000 has been raised to help these displaced Sudanese children.

Gwyn Williams, Operations Director of FTH UK, says: “The wonderful listeners of Premier Radio have ensured the ongoing provision of food to Uganda and by doing so have given the young children living in Kiryandongo the best possible opportunity for the future – an education. The fruit of these generous gifts can be seen in the smiles of their faces and in the restoration of hope in their eyes.”

Sandra Godley, who is a trustee for Feed the Hungry UK, recently visited the camp to see the most positive impact this money is making.

The work in Uganda continues as more and more refugees arrive. What gift can you give today to ensure that these children have the best chance of living a full life? Donate today.

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