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Q&A with Pete

Monday, September 7, 2015

Q: What challenges did you see people facing on your recent trip to Burkina Faso?

A: Burkina Faso is one of Africa’s poorest countries, on the edge of the desert, with lots of sandstorms. Very little rain, very little water. It’s difficult for people to be self-sustaining with enough food.

Q: Why do kids and the disabled here especially need our help?

A: If a mother dies at childbirth, her baby is designated “evil” because the child “killed” the mother. A lot of the kids we’re feeding came to us as abandoned babies. Often disabled kids are cast off because they’re not seen as helpful to the family. Sometimes a mother can no longer care for a child because she has too many children or the father’s gone.

I held one of the abandoned kids in my arms. Thanks to our supporters, our partners there are able to care for children like this—taking them to a doctor for vaccinations to make sure they’re healthy.

Q: How else are Feed The Hungry supporters changing kids’ lives?

A: We’re feeding 4,000 kids daily—our supporters are making that possible! When these kids first come to us, they’re usually very sick. A local pastor said, “Because of the nutritious food they’re getting from Feed The Hungry, they’re no longer as sick and as ill as they used to be.”

Q: What really touched your heart?

A: The orphanage that’s caring for about 75 blind kids who are all basically shunned by their families because they’re considered of no value. Here, they’re being taught how to weave and make tapestries so they can make a living.

Q: How can we pray for the work in Burkina Faso?

A: We need to expand our feeding program from 4,000 to 10,000 kids as quickly as we can. Please pray that God will open up the right doors and move many hearts to give to make it possible!

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