Schools Fundraising Pack

Feed The Hungry UK help thousands of children around the world to access food and education. 400,000 to be more exact. However we would love to see even more children access our programmes. Your school can help us reach our target of helping 300,000 children every day.

Your students are YOUNG & HEROIC!

Schools PackDownload our Schools Fundraising Pack here – enjoy!




Quick look:

easy Cake Sale Why not make some cakes and get your friends and family involved and sell them at church, a fun fair, school fate or at work. Yum!
medium Talent Show Perhaps you could convince to get you teachers involved, or maybe your boss? It could even be a lip sync battle for those who can’t hold a tune? £2 entry?
hard Sports Day Special Why not do a special event at sports day to raise funds for Feed the Hungry UK.

Assembly and Lesson Plans

We love chatting to the whole school about FTH UK – see how our plans can help teach the curriculum.


Download everything you need to run an event in school.