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Testimony from Zambia

Monday, November 18, 2019

Earlier this year we were able to have some farming training provided to people in Zambia. For many of these people they have had to learn new techniques to help them adapt to the changing climate. Below is an email we received from one of the beneficiaries of this training. Thank you for enabling us to help them.

“Allow me to testify how my life have drastically changed from the training I underwent with Feed The Hungry a few months ago and the high yield tomato seeds I was given after the training. Immediately after the training, I went to prepare my land for tomato planting. I first prepared the seedlings and replanted them to my two hectares of land. Now as am writing this message to you, my two hectares of tomatoes are about to ripen.

We thank God for you because you secured a market for us as farmersĀ  to supply. Please pass on this message that on behalf of the 26 farmers in our intake that came for training at your training centre, we are so grateful for the farming skills and seed capital empowerment you gave us. We have agreed that each farmer will give the first 10 crates full of tomatoes to our local churches. We still remember how you emphasised during the training that in all our field endeavours we ought to put God first.

We sincerely thank you and most importantly your organisation Feed The Hungry for the massive empowerment to us the beneficiaries.

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