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Thank you for helping children in Manila discover how good a full life in Jesus feels!

Monday, September 7, 2015


If you’re a child living in Manila’s Tondo slums, your “scavenger hunt” means rummaging through garbage for anything you can sell to survive and any half-eaten food scraps you can eat. But that’s changing!

Thanks to you, we’ve just launched our Every Child Every Day feeding program in Tondo, giving 1,000 kids a daily, nutritious meal at school. You’re helping them get an education and hear the gospel… lifting them beyond the scrap heap for a full life in Jesus.

As we grow this program, your support will be changing more lives like that of Diana Buenaobre, a schoolteacher who once lived in Tondo. We asked Diana to share her story about how Jesus changed her life:

Feed The Hungry: What was it like for you living in Tondo?

Diana: We lived here for 12 years, and it was very difficult. The area and water are not clean. It was my dream to become a teacher. Thank God for the privilege that I was a scholar and could go to college. There were times [when I was younger] that I didn’t have money for lunch at school, but the Lord provides.

FTH: How important is our new feeding program at school?

Diana: Food is really important, especially for the kids right now. Malnutrition is increasing, and we all know that food can help the students think well. This is a motivation that would help our children go to school if they could have a meal.

FTH: What dreams do the children have?

Diana: The kids in this community really want to have a better life in the future.

FTH: How important was the gospel in your life?

Diana: The gospel changed my life! When I met Jesus, that really changed my life and my perspective that—yeah—there’s more to life than what you see in Tondo.

FTH: What is a child’s best hope for surviving this environment and living a full life?

Diana: Let’s introduce them to Jesus! Jesus says, “I have come that you will have life to the full.” Without God, we will be nothing. When they have a relationship with Jesus… when they seek God… everything will fall into place.

Thanks for helping these kids discover how good a full life in Jesus feels!

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