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Walk in Success

Friday, September 11, 2020

Striving to do your best, to live as you feel is correct, to follow Jesus daily can feel really overwhelming at times. Ultimately we are human, meaning we are perfectly imperfect. Imperfect because we will make mistakes, we will do wrong, we will have regrets. But ‘perfectly’ so because we have the opportunity to learn from those mistakes. We can choose not to dwell on them but use them to help shape our future selves. To, again, live more like Jesus. To demonstrate his love for the world. To invite others into his family.

When we live life as God tells us to, it won’t always be easy or be achieved half heartedly but will require all of us. Focusing on the struggles and the things that overwhelm us isn’t helpful. Focusing on the opportunities that present themselves and making the most of them for God IS helpful.

Let’s accept and embrace that we are perfectly imperfect. Let’s learn from our mistakes and use them to shape our future selves to be more like Jesus. Let’s do our best to go in faith, fulfilling the mission of God’s heart for us. We’d love to pray for you in that. Do email any prayer requests to

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